Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Had a Blast at LaurieAnna's!!!!

Pictures from my space at LaurieAnna's last weekend!

I had the greatest time at LaurieAnna's in Canton last weekend!  First of all, what an incredible host.  Laurie had a larger spot than I anticipated and decorated the walls for me which provided the perfect backdrop.  Her team (including hubby Willy) were so wonderful and welcoming.  When you walk in the store and have all these incredible people who want to help you, it is not an act...they are all really that way ALL of the time!  I was amazed at the grace and caring that these folks use when taking care of their clients and the composure when the store is full and the lines are long.  Laurie has assembled an awesome team and I loved getting to work with them all.  I am so honored and proud to have been invited to set up at LaurieAnna's, but even prouder of the friendship that has developed with Laurie over the last year.  She is and incredible businesswoman, decorator, host and friend!  I also had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful clients of Laurie's...some of you I knew, but most of you I did not.  With the shop FULL, it was hard to get to talk with everyone, but thanks to all of you who stopped and chatted. 

I could seriously go on for pages about the experience, but as most of you shop at LaurieAnna's, you already get it!  I have asked if Laurie ever needs help on a Canton weekend to let me know and guess what....I am going to work there for the November show (along with my friends Tracy & Michael).  I am so excited and hope you all will come in and visit.  I will post pictures of the shop later in the week which will make you want to run to visit us!

Oh, and one last thing....Lone Star Antique Mall is starting their Anniversary Sale on Friday (October 7th).  Going to be a great weekend with some great deals...come on out and shop!  I just redid the front booth and brought in some new things.


  1. Wow your space there looks awesome!! I bet it was a rockin weekend!!

  2. Denis, your space looked awesome. You brought some great things. Hope to see you in Hico. Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage (blogger won't allow me to leave a comment, again!!)

  3. We were there on Thursday and couldn't believe the crowd in that store! Great photos, especially the stacked suitcases, but it was even prettier in person. Hope to see you again next month!

  4. What pretty photos. We didn't get to go this time, but will definitely be there in November! I can't wait!

  5. Denis, that space looks awesome! I hope you sold a bunch!! How fun!
    Carol in GA

  6. Your space looked amazing! I would feel honored to set-up in LaurieAnna's shoppe too - my favorite place! I hope you sold TONS!

  7. Thank you for this super sweet post Denis, you are such a wonderful friend!

    I soo loved having you in the Shoppe and can't wait for next month when we have all 3 of you crazy guys in the house! Man are we gonna ever rock that show! :-)

    See you next week my friend.... LA