Sunday, October 16, 2011

A New Industrial Chic Dealer at Lone Star....

I wanted to introduce everyone to one of our newest dealers at Lone Star!  This is Carmen and I have officially become one of her best customers.  Carmen has some wonderful industrial chic pieces and it has been fun watching her booth get more and more stuff in it.  Very nice and talented lady and we are all so happy she is at the Mall. 


  1. Denis, she does have some great things! To answer your question, it will all be at City Wide. Come see me, it's next weekend, I'll make you a deal on it all :) You'll have more to take to Hico.

  2. I stand and drool at all of the stuff in her booth and it's all reasonably priced. Glad she's at our mall so I can stop by her booth every time I go check on mine.

  3. Lot's of eye candy here, can't wait to come back and shop there. Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  4. I love a little industrial chic mixed with some vintage. Fun look!!
    Carol in GA