Thursday, October 13, 2011

Newly Re-Done Front Booth at Lone Star....

Just a couple of pictures of our newly re-done front booth at Lone Star.  I love the wall paper (craft paper) that I got from LaurieAnna's on the back wall.  It was the inspiration for the entire set-up.  The blond wood french bed is killer...still thinking about it in my guest room.  Many dealers still have their anniversary sale going on...we have 10% on anything over $20.  Come Visit!


  1. It looks beautiful Denis, man you really loaded that puppy up, didn't you?! Love it!!

  2. P.S. I tried to comment on your blog a couple times earlier this week and kept getting error messages....? But, tonight no problems at all. Blogger's a trip. :-))

  3. Beautiful arrangement!!! You amaze me at what you do with displaying!!! I am such a follower in your tracks!!! Thanks for sharing all...I get such inspirations!!! Hope to see you at the Antique Mall...have a little something for you!!!
    Sounds like Canton was awesome! Love it all!!!
    Take care...hugs... seems I can only comment anonymously??? Brenda