Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Party Was a Hit!

What a GREAT NIGHT we had! Great Food...Great Wine and Great Friends! Life does not get much better than that. We had seating for 46 and ran out. So guessing a little over 50 showed up (we had 6 who RSVP'ed and did not really would have been crazy with them). These pictures are of the upstairs game room. Remember when the Beverly Hillbillies ate at the "Billiard Table" and used the pool cues as pot passers??? Well, that is us! We bought some sheets of insulation and put them down in the pool table to make it flat, covered it up, decorated it and sat 14 for dinner. I love the old dishes at this table. They are "Ballerina"...not sure if that is the pattern or brand. I don't think they are designed for Christmas, but have all the right colors and are lovely. I love them with the old Bakelite red handled flatware. I found the goblets boxed up under a table at a junk store. This is the exact pattern my Grandmother had and I love them. The upstairs Christmas tree we affectionately refer to as the "Easter Tree". Several years ago, Nordstrom's had these wonderful trees decorated throughout their store. Mom loved them and mentioned that she wished they would sell the lights. The next year they did, so I bought her several sets. She quickly put them on her tree and decided the colors were not traditional Christmas enough for her and it looked like an Easter I took them back and have used them since. Gotta go start putting up dishes and stuff. More to come!


  1. Oh, so so pretty. Glad it was a bit hit, but then how could it not have been. You have a great week too my friend!

  2. You my dear are amazing. Looks beautiful and fun!!!!

  3. Now that's what I call a Grrrr8Ball In the Side PocketParty! Love the Ballerina Plates and covet the Bakelite forks and spoons...awesome! Sorry I've missed a few of your posts...I've been 'OuttaPocket'..LOL! Merry Christmas and come on over to CollectInTexas Gal where it SNOWED!!!