Thursday, December 24, 2009

A White Christmas...

Well, not the Christmas we had planned, but a beautiful relaxing one that I would not trade. We planned on heading to Oklahoma this morning (Christmas Eve)to be with family on Christmas, but at 11:00 as the snow started falling, we decided to stay home. We called some friends, went the the grocery store and had a wonderful snow filled evening. It snowed another 2 inches or so after I took these pictures at home. I folks in the North think this is just a flurry...but we don't often get pretty, fluffy snow that sticks around for a while. It is beautiful. These are pics from my home in Keller (Fort Worth) Texas. It is 10:00pm and the kids from the neighborhood are in the street sliding down on make shift sleds. What a wonderful Snowy Christmas this turned out to be! Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to all. I have to head to bed as I am sure Santa is getting close...and I have been VERY GOOD!


  1. Y'all got way more snow on your side of town! My kids will be heading to Roanoke here in just a litle while...Jenn is shocked at the amount of snow waiting for her at home!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Look how beautiful the snow looks, just gorgeous!

  3. Wow Denis...Fort Worth really was a blanket of snow pretty and rare for Christmas in Texas! Great should get lots of mileage out of them for years to come!

  4. Hey Denis....hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We were stranded at my brothers in Willow Park Christmas Eve but made it home Christmas Day afternoon.....made many great, fun memories!! The snow was beautiful and I love your pics!! Jennifer looks to be having a good time at the party.....LOL! Hope to see ya soon......Cathy "girls gone junkin"

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    We've just had rain here in Alabama, lots of it. Ughhh....


  6. Isn't it something how snow instantly says "Christmas". Beautiful photos, your home is so lovely. So glad you found me and that you visited the shoppe!

    Happy New Year!