Friday, December 11, 2009

The Shabbier Side of Christmas at My House...

These are some of the Shabbier Christmas spots in my house. I LOVE the vintage Christmas tree that I had to twist Dorothy's arm to get (The Shabby Y). She had two of them in her booth and neither were for sale. I called her and cried, whined and pleaded until she caved in and sold me one. I have wanted something as you walk into my master bedroom to catch everyone's eye, and thanks to Dorothy, I finally have it. Pictures are from my master bedroom, my office, upstairs game room, guest room and hallway. So a little Christmas Shabby scattered all through the house (a lot of it from Amy @ The Funky Monkey, Felicia @ Bountiful and Dorothy @ The Shabby Y). Much of it intended for the Antique Mall, but you see where it is now!


  1. Oh, it will eventually rotate out, as I always say. I'm seeing lots of great clocks! And the lamp shades with ornaments are so pretty. Thanks for the tour. ~Mindy

  2. oooooo I am SO in love with your Christmas shabby-ness!!! Can I come over? I want to relax in that beautiful comfy chaise!!! I love all of your vintage ornaments and that tree was a beautiful purchase.
    I'll be there in a little while!
    everything vintage

  3. Pretty shabby stuff! I mean that in the nicest way, too! Every room is so neat and filled with great things to view. I especially like the hanging lamp shade with the ornaments hanging on the bare frame....super shabbiness! Now, let's talk about suckin the paint off Christmas ornaments....I'm guessin that was the beginning of your ShabbyChristmas'. LOL

  4. You had me at "chaise"! Wonderful look and doncha just love Amy?
    Enjoy all your beautiful things, 'cause once you put them up for sale, they'll fly out of your hands!

  5. Hey Denis.....loving your Christmas shabby decor! I am STILL trying to finish my decorating.....Canton through me a lil behind! O.k. maybe more then a little as Christmas is in 10 days! I love old clocks also and noticed you have a nice little where do you live?? LOL! Anyway, if I don't talk to ya before, have a very Merry Christmas!!! Cathy of Girls Gone Junkin!