Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Master Bedroom & Bath....

My Bedroom

I love this box that I got from the Funky Monkey!

I always thought I would sit in my room and read...but I never do!

Got the shabby iron shelf from Dorothy @ The Shabby Y...caught her unloading it and bought it on the spot.

Another Shabby Y purchase.  I called her at home and told her I had to have one of her old creamy trees from her booth.  She finally agreed to let me have one!  What a friend.

I was told that my bedroom was tooooo pink this Christmas...but I love it!

Gold and red Christmas trees around the bathtub.

The little green tree my mother has had for EVER...it is mine now.

I love red...can you tell?
I will post the upstairs where most of the sitting was next.  You will love the pool table!


  1. When is it ever too much pink?

  2. It looks so festive. Wanted to stop in and wish you and your mom a very Merry Christmas!!