Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Annual Christmas Bash!

The bar is set up.  I ran out of wine last year...I don't think that will be a problem this year!

Raked leaves this morning, but with all the can't even tell!

Night time view

Santa is on the front porch and ready to greet!
Did you guys think I had died???  It has been a crazy couple of weeks with work and getting ready for the big Christmas Bash.  Yes, if you followed the blog last know I have an annual Christmas party at my house.  I have created seating for 46 and have 51 RSVP's...looks like some folks will be on a waiting list!  The house looks great and I have pictures.  I will post pics of all the rooms over the next few weeks.  Mom is at home cooking her little heart out...yes, she does the dinner for the party (the real reason everyone comes).  She is a down home southern cooker and her meals are always a hit.  This years menu is beef stroganoff, a wonderful broccoli salad (has cashews, mayonnaise, bacon and a bunch of other good fattening stuff...oh, and broccoli) and baked pineapple rings with roasted almonds!  I have two friends who are great bakers and they do the desserts.  This year they are making 4 cakes and a variety of cookies.  I talked to them earlier and they were on the way to the store to get more butter....they had already used 4 pounds).  Guests start arriving in about 3 hours...I guess I better go and finish getting ready.  Pictures to follow...stay tuned!


  1. Is there a dirty martini with my name tag on it?
    Seriously, I saw the photos last year and I bet you'll have 'em hanging off the ceiling this year! Have fun!

  2. I bet y'all have a great time, with your mom's cooking and you there, how could you not have fun. Will be looking forward to seeing it all!

  3. Dennis, I guess my invite got lost in the mail...Looks lovely!! Have fun !!!!! Love Tiina...

  4. Waitin... on the pictures?? Everything sounds wonderful!!
    Carol from GA