Monday, December 13, 2010

The Dining Room...

This is the dining room...a burlap Christmas!

Another view...

I love the red!

The watering can was the inspiration for this table!

Galvanized centerpieces, with a burlap tablecloth and some old dishes...we are so classy!

I like to do red in this room to match the cabinet.

I bought this hutch off of Craigslist for resale and it has been in my dining room since!

Serving Cart...

Last year we put tea cups on this tree, this year we put old black and white family Christmas pictures and vintage Christmas cards held on by clothes pins....I love it!

This is the Giving Tree.  Each guest gets to take an ornament from this tree home with them.  I buy them all year long in anticipation (I have found over the years, that red, white and silver are the most popular colors).  Guests say they have several ornaments from past Christmas' on their tree at home.
We had a BLAST at the Christmas party (and found seating for everyone).  What a great night.  The food was AWESOME and the company was great.  I love this evening as it brings so many people from all facets of my life together and they all act like they have known each other for years.  I tried to change the decorations up a bit this year as these folks have been coming to my house for several years now.  I really thought I was toning it down, but got a lot of comments about going all out.  Since the dining room is the first room you see as you walk in, we have always taken extra care to make it special.  We have always done something flashy and with lots of sparkle.  This year (with the inspiration of a galvanized water can), we went a different direction.  With some burlap from Joann's fabrics, we took the dining room in a different direction and I loved it.  It just felt so warm and cozy to me.  Burlap, wonderful old cream plates, splashes of red and a vintage tree made the room wonderful.  We sat 8 of our 50 guests in this room.  Stay tuned, the entry way and office are next!


  1. Love your home !! Very nice! I like best the tree with the old black and white photos, cute, cute idea!! Can't wait to see the rest!
    Carol from GA

  2. The assorted napkins on the plates are a nice touch. Everything looks very planned and purposeful. Your heart is in this room and it makes it so warm and inviting. ~Mindy

  3. Love your Christmas decor....the red touches, galvanized pieces....beautiful. I love the idea of the giving tree...I might incorporate that into my holiday next year.

  4. Looks awesome Denis! I am loving the burlap and your red touches! Hope all is well with you as we missed you in Canton last month!
    Hugs.....Cathy aka GGJ