Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't You Just LOVE Spring????

Don't you just LOVE the Spring? I guess we have to endure the winter to make us appreciate the spring...but I vote for spring all year long (I will live with the sneezing and watery eyes the allergies bring). Every year it seems like some blooming plant is exceptional...this year it seems the roses are incredible. Everywhere I go, I see rose bushes in full colorful bloom. I have in the past trimmed the rose bush by my pool way back, but did not this year and look at all the roses! No more trimming back. I have started to get in the spring spirit and found a few items for the yard. Went to a wonderful outdoor ceramic place in Keller, Texas and found some wonderful statues. Also bought a great iron table and chairs from my friend Lisa...just gotta recover the seat cushions. We may end up taking it to the lake house...just not sure yet. Enjoy your spring...I know I am!

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  1. OH yeah! NO more trimming! It's all beautiful. Love it! ~Mindy