Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting Ready for The Homestead Show in Hico...

Oh My! Would you just look at the mess I have waiting to go to the Homestead Show in Hico June 7th and 8th! My garage is overflowing and I still have some stuff to pick up tomorrow that I just bought (thanks Lisa). I AM OUT OF CONTROL! In true style, some of what we bought has ended up in my Mother's house and mine....just can't help it. Gonna mark out my booth dimensions this weekend and do a dry run on where everything will go. My eyes are always bigger than my space. I think I have the walls figured out...probably will change my mind 50 times before then. Oh well...please see something you like and come to Hico and buy it!


  1. I see several things I need....the white mantle, for one. And that print of the nun being crowned by an much will that be? I seriously LOVE that!

    So much to love!


  2. OMG, Denis, you are OUT OF CONTROL!! Yea, like I'm usually not, right. I want it all, don't take it to Hico, just bring it to my house, please... I can't wait to see it all.

  3. I'd say you are more than are loaded for bear! I see so many things (read round piece) that I just love.

  4. Hey Ann,
    I left a message on your blog, but the picture is $68.