Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lady in Red...

Okay all of my creamy, shabby friends....forgive me, but we brought in some red to the whites, creams and browns in our shabby booth! I know....I know. I guess we committed a cardinal sin (get, well). But we bought this incredible 50's red prom dress at Warrenton and just had to get it in one of the booths. Don't delete me from Creamy, Shabby blog land....please! I love the splash of red, now we will just wait and see if everyone else does. My blogging buddy Sue over at Collectin Texas Gal sent me a picture of a red prom dress that she has been looking for....I hope she takes a peak and finds it is close!


  1. WHAT?!?!
    You dared to post something RED in the land of creamy, dreamy, shabby, muted, lemming blogland???
    The NERVE!!!


    I love it!
    A good pop of color shakes the complacency out of everybody now and then. :-)


  2. OMGosh DENIS!!!! That's Gotta Be My RED DRESS! I couldn't believe my eyes and then I read your post! Put a SOLD sign on that Sinful RedDress and email me at
    Your booth looks great, and you have probably started a New ShabbyRED Trend or at least got them Blushing! Thanks for finding my Red GrandGal is going to the Prom...I just know she'll want to wear it...NOT!!!

  3. Red is MY color, so I think it looks great. That dress is amazing. Hope it finds the right heart to wear it.