Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Longhorn Inn...

Here is the BEAUTIFUL place we stay in Round Top each show. It is called the Longhorn Inn and is so wonderful. All the Junker Gang (or as we call ourselves, the Clampetts) are in the first 2 pictures, Debbie, Kenny, Mom (Mary), Teresa and me in the first picture and Tracy in the 2nd. The Longhorn Inn has 2 guest houses each with 4 rooms and a common television/seating area (with refrigerators, microwaves, sinks, etc). The views are great from the rooms. They have longhorns on the property and you can feed them in the mornings. As much as I love the junkin' in Warrenton, I love coming home to these incredible surroundings. We play Chicken Foot or Spades in the common area and have a great time in the evenings. We LOVE the Longhorn Inn.


  1. What a wonderful, peaceful place to stay at!!! Missed seeing ya'll in Canton, but I am sure you found lots of great "junk" in Round Top! I LOVE that show and wish we could go....but it always falls during our Canton show. We are really looking forward to the Hico show and will see ya next Wed. for the "meeting of the junkers" at Lone Star!!! Cathy

  2. Ohmylanta...I love the staircase and railing! I sure wish we had got to meet at Warrenton. I almost never leave my tent for fear I can't find my way back...maybe in the fall.