Friday, September 24, 2010

Booth Updates...

Just some quick booth update pictures before I head out to Round Top! We sold a bed in one booth and that started a chain reaction in all 3. You decide to move a piece from one to fill in another...then you have a second hole. You move a piece to fill in there and...well, you get the idea. I am so excited to be on my way to Round Top. Just staying one night, but I can do a lot of damage in that short time.


  1. Denis,all three booths look great! LOVE the pink awning, is that original paint or did u do it pink? It's awesome. I'd love to go to Round Top some day,course I'm doing good to get to Canton from North GA! In fact, we're headed out your way on Tuesday to hit First Monday next weekend!!!Can't wait, we're staying in Tyler so we can go to Stanley's for BBQ again!!Yum-o!Stay safe my friend!
    Carol in GA

  2. Hey Denis.......Can't wait to see what treasures you found in Round Top!! Wish soooo bad that Deidra and I could have squeezed it in, but we are working to get our booth ready for fall and Halloween! Look forward to seeing ya next week! Happy Junkin....Cathy