Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Did It Again...

Well, I swear every time that I am not going to buy things that don't truly go with the decor or our booths (basically painted wood, pink stuff and anything rusty). Then I run across this amazing wood bed and dresser for a really good price and it ends up in my car. I love the Victorian girl inlay on the head of the bed and on the foot board. Folks at the mall said that beds sell better made up, so we slapped on a Chenille spread! Now lets see if anyone else likes it as much as I did? And until I see something else that is pretty and cheap, I will not buy anything else that does not go with our booth decor!


  1. Yea right. You know when you find something that just makes you tingle, you will have to have it.
    I know exactly how that feels.

  2. I do love the inlay too. That bed would look so pretty painted. I'll bet it sells quick:) Keepin' my fingers crossed for you:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. I would have bought that bed as well. I love it, I might have kept it for myself! sandi

  4. Looks great Denis....I think I would have had to paint the bed cream though! You know us, creams, pink or black! Gotta stay in our GGJ color scheme! LOL!I will be out of pocket the next 2 days, but will get that table to the mall or you this weekend..I promise! It looks so cute in my bedroom though.....Just Kidding!!! Cathy aka GGJ