Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Partridge Family...

Flashback! I was at LaurieAnna's in Canton... which by the way is AMAZING. If you have not been to her new MEGA store, don't walk...Run. Wonderful, wonderful stuff! I will take my camera next month and post pictures. Well anyway, while I was there a Partridge Family song came on ("I woke up in love this morning"). When is the last time you heard a Partridge Family song? Not only is the store awesome, but the music ROCKS! It got me thinking about all the Partridge Family stuff I have from my childhood and collected over the years. Come on...admit that you loved them too! It is not unloyal to the Brady Bunch to love the Partridges also. In the second picture you will notice that I am an "Official Member" of the Partridge Family Fan Club. Don't hate me because I am, "A member in good standing and am therefore entitled to all the privileges." You too could have joined all those years ago. It is hard to believe that I kept that card all these years, but I did love the Partridge Family. I proudly carried my Partridge Family lunchbox to school and drank kool aid from it every day! I remember laying in the floor of our den and watching each show. I remember when Laurie's braces picked up radio waves and when they first sang, "I think I love you". Where has the time and clothes gone????


  1. hahahaha, Partridge family? Gosh ,that has been awhile!!We're coming to Canton at the end of Sept. for next month's First Monday.I'm excited!! Can't wait to see Laurieanna's!! The pictures she posted look fabulous!!
    Carol in GA

  2. It's always so nice seeing you Denis! I feel as though I've known you for years! Hope to see you again next month!

  3. Denis, OMG...just got a chance to look at your blog. I haven't been good about blogging lately. I LOVE the Partridge Family and have some of your same stuff! I too had the lunch box and thermos and some of their albums...loved them MUCH MORE than the Brady Bunch...David was much cuter than Greg anyday.. and I got so sick of Marsha, Marsha,! Any way your booth looks fantastic at Lonestar and also, I am in need of about 8 more clocks.....yes, I thought I had enough but need some more..would like only black, creams, and whites if you have on the lookout. It was great to see you last weekend!

  4. im a card carrying Partridge Family Fan Club member too!!!!!!!
    oh yes the their music is great and i still remember all their lyrics !
    great to see someone else likes them too and still has the membership card!