Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Very Quick Round Top Trip...

There is just no way to take a "Quick Trip" to Round Top. My friend Teresa and I decided to go up Friday and come home Saturday afternoon. Since it was a last minute idea, we lucked into accommodations but did not think we would need a trailer! WRONG! Gosh, I passed on so many wonderful things. As you can see by the last picture, my SUV was FULL! We only made it through a little over a half of Warrenton and simply ran out of room in the car. I told Teresa that we better go back and start picking up the stuff we had dealers holding for us as we needed to get an idea of how much more we could buy. Good thing we did, cause I am not sure we could have fit another item in that car. We slammed the doors shut and reluctantly headed for home. When we got home we had to stand guard as we opened each door for the stuff that had shifted to fall out. We had a great time and here are some pictures of just a few of the treasures we found. The plant stand with the towels is staying right were it is...on my back porch. I LOVE IT! I will post more pictures from the trip later.


  1. Oh my , ya'll did good! I'd love to go to Round Top some day! Yes, we should be somewhere in Canton on Thursday and Friday. As far as Atlanta, oh goodness! Where does one start??? One of my fav haunts is Fleu De Coop, its north of the city, near Barrett Parkway, right behind Town Center Mall. Very unique shop with booths, awesome displays of huge proportions and one of the best things is there's a Varsity
    ( famous for its hot dogs!)just a stone's throw away!!Carol

  2. I am sure you had fun at Round Top. Thank you for sharing your photos. sandi

  3. Denis, I heard from the Girls Gone Junkin that we missed you by just a little bit on Thursday!! I hate it we didn't get to meet! Maybe next time!!
    Your GA friend!!!