Monday, September 13, 2010

Dresses of Ruby Grace's

Two years ago when we decided to try our hand at a booth in an Antique Mall, we invested some thought in what we would specialize in (I actually think we are still deciding that 2 years later). Mom and I used to shop at a mall in Arlington Texas. Our favorite dealer dealt in wonderful Victorian stuff. She had the greatest tulle prom dress that stood in front of her booth. It was priced very high and it was obvious that she was not interested in selling was simply an eye catcher. It caught our eye every time we visited and it was fun to watch it catch other's. Mom and I decided that we would purchase a wonderful old vintage dress and have it standing at the front of our booth to be our eye catcher. To our surprise, there is a market for vintage 50's prom dresses (particularly around prom time) and have had to purchase several to make sure we always had one in our booth. Now with 3 booths, we have a variety of colors and fabrics. It is so fun to watch the girls and ladies approach our booths and "Oh" and "Ah" over these wonderful old dresses. Many comment on the dresses that they had as teenagers and how much these remind them of those. Many reminisce of the petite waistlines it takes to get into these dresses. I hear repeat customers showing new friends the dress that they love and saying, "There is my dress". Young girls have to touch and dream. A group of girlfriends recently took the dresses and put them in the middle of the floor and snapped pictures of each standing behind them. And around prom time, some get selected to re-visit a teenager going to the prom. I have attached pictures of a few of the dresses we have had over the last few years. I love them all!


  1. Dennis, without a doubt you got the most amazing collection of dresses. I was immediately drawn to your booth at Lonestar because of that. I have seen a pretty dress here and there, never so many and in such good shape. Your prices I thought were really reasonable. There is a booth in the Austin Antique Mall that got beautiful hats and dresses but I think the owner like the lady in Arlington got no interest in selling anything in her booth. At least I get to see and dream. Take care and visit someday, Marta.

  2. Ohhhh Lala is all I can say! Love them all and wish I could come across more then I do!! Promise to get your table to ya.....I have been crazy busy!!! Your table is covered and safe with me...he he he! Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Oh wow!! What cool dresses!! My older sister wore a dress like that to her prom in 1961, I still remember what it looked like! Thanks for evoking that neat memory for me ,as I'm sure you do for lots of customers. Somone has a real good eye for beauty and style!!Thanks for coming to "see" me!
    Carol in GA