Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not so Fast Fall....

Well, the last official day of summer has passed and the Mall is filling up with fall what do we do???? Take everything we have that is yellow and green and redo a booth to look like Spring! We are such rebels. Oh well...I think it looks cute. Don't you just love the yellow several young girls stopping by today to admire. I always enjoy working on our booths and seeing how different they come out. We took out ALL the black and white industrial and started all over. Never comes out just like you planned (as my eyes are bigger than the booth), but a pleasant surprise when it is done. Now the proof will be in the sales. PS...Ignore the McDonald's cup in the first picture...not for sale (I forgot it was there when I took the pictures...ugh).


  1. I'm loving the white/green shutters! And where, exactly, did you put the industrial pieces? Maybe you should donate them to the Salvation Poetry truck. haha! ~Mindy

  2. What McDonald's cup ~ I didn't see a McDonald's cup, my eyes were on the yellow dress, and all of the pretty turquoise goodies!